What am I NOT allow to Advertise?
No popups or other interfering sites are allowed. No malicious Spyware, virus or Trojan will be tolerated, This could result in Account deletion. We want to keep a clean auto hits exchange site. We also, complete a weekly database scan of all active site within the previous week. Don't try to cheat, you will be caught, get caught too many times, we will delete your account without Notice!

How to Assign Credits to Webstie?
Your Credits will be automatically assign to websites. Just Enable or Disable website you wanna run.

What does CPH do?
Click per Hour, is used to Limit # of views per hour. If you want as much as Possible, I suggest setting it to value of 0, which disable the CPH. This option is Limited to Pro Members ONLY.

How does it work?
- Getting started is simple. Here is a short guide for the those new to traffic exchanges.
- Signup for a FREE account.
- Activate your account by following the instructions in the activation email
- Login and add your sites/URL.
- Add your FREE 500 credits to your site.
- Start the surfbar and earn more FREE credits
- Sites are usually approved within 1 business day
- One credit equals to one visitor to your site. Other sites often require several credits for one visitor.
- Don't want to surf? We have very competetive rates on credits purchase.

How to Contact Us?
Easy, Fill out a Support Ticket here or try our Live Support here. We pride our selfs in responding to every email or Chat within a reasonable time delay. Even instantly in some occasions.

Why is My Site Suspended?
Check the Name field of your website, it should have been changed to Reason for suspension. Suspended website are du to either Frame Braker Reported, Redirector, Malicious Script (Spyware, Virus or Trojan), More then 1 Audio or Video at once, oversized website that Loads to slow, and freezes surf, Invalid URL, or timing out URL (Can't Handle High Traffic), Rotators or just plain pop-up. Whatever the reason, it only to keep everyone happy, quality views are important to us and are members, to keep Surfbar rotating!

But My Website Has none of those why is it still Supended?
We have found a few bad apples that are tricky (eventually Break Frame), as the fallowing Website URL are NOT accepted, All4webs, Freewebs, Luxemill, kyksy, some clickbank, pageswirl, Sacredpheonix, Honeyemail (Malicious Spyware) and a few others as well, once again if your site does not respect ALL of the terms, it will not be accepted, and resubmiting your website(Too many times), could get your account suspended or delete. This Banned list here is not Updated, but we add new Url daily. If you think you site has been added in Error please contact us.

Can i have Multiple Accounts?
No. Please only one account per household computer. We can detect cheaters and their account will be deleted without any notice! Same goes for those you try to cheat for the 1000 Credits Sign up Bonus, without surfing.

How do i get credit back to my Account.
Okay if you have a website with XXXX amounts of credits to it, and you want to assign to an other site or to transfer them into your account credit. 1st Take Note of # of the website then your User #. 2nd Go to Support and Fill in required fields, Where Field Subject: Enter Please Suspend website #. Do not forget your User #!!! Once the Website URL is suspended, a Link to Release Credits will appear at the bottom, just above the save or delete Buttons.

What is an Iframe? and why my site supended?
An Iframe is a Frame inside a website page, that usagely allow the content inside this frame to rotate. With all the numerous frame breakers, we have decided to check these Iframe Manualy for the time beeing, so Please ask us to recheck you site, make sure to include your account Id Number.

I signed up but is there supposed to be a password emailed to me.
When you signed up successfully. There will be a confirmed email send to your registered email account.

How Can I add My site?
Basically, In order to add your website. You need to Log in to your account. On the left hand side, click on Add new site (Underneath of Start Surfing). Add your URL in there and ready to be surfed. Also, you need to surf to increase your credit.

I see that my website is supposed to be getting hits but I have never seen it appear in the rotation on autosurf?
The system is made that you cannot surf your site. Cause it's useless that you surf your websites (You go to it all the time, don't you)

I am trying to sign up however I have done something wrong and it says I am already registered.
If the system say you already registered. You can you Password recovery (link below) to get your password.
Enter your registered email then check your email.